Message from the Minister of Finance

Welcome to, the government’s first consolidated website for tracking reforms.

Since the National Unity Government presented The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) , its comprehensive 5-year development and reform plan, to the international community and Afghan people at the Brussels Conference in 2016, the Ministry of Finance has spent the last five years following up on the progress made. Also, we are currently finalizing the ANPDF – II to be presented at the 2020 Afghanistan Conference to be held in Geneva in November 2020. 

This tracker includes not only the deliverables in the ANPDF and National Priority Programs but also consolidates benchmarks and deliverables laid out in other key documents and donor agreements, including the National Strategy for Combating Corruption, the EU State-Building Contract (SBC), the Self-Reliance Through Mutual Accountability Framework (SMAF) and the Geneva Mutual Accountability Framework (GMAF) agreed at the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan in 2018. 

Progress had previously been presented in a fragmented way, with anecdotal evidence and project-based reporting. The purpose of the tracker is to present a holistic picture of progress across government over the past two years.

There is a thread of connectivity throughout the reforms agenda. More important than sectoral achievements is the collective impact of progress made across government. Indeed, what we are doing through reforms is changing the way we govern, and in turn, changing what Afghans can expect from their government.

We kick off the tracker with the foundation of the entire reforms agenda—fiscal and budgetary reforms. Fiscal reforms can be summarized in three categories:
1) improving the performance of government investments, leading to better economic investments, 2) ensuring the budget is more accurate, transparent and free of corruption, and 3) investing in building the capacity of the state to manage reforms.
Our ability to efficiently and effectively manage public funds will determine our chances of achieving self-reliance and prosperity. is a live tracker and is regularly updated. It was originally designed as donor countries, analysts, and journalists as a tool to access information, but is also being translated into Dari and Pashto as a public awareness tool for Afghan citizens. Feedback, questions, or requests for information can be submitted to [email protected] .

As we continue to take stock of our achievements, we remain focused on the challenges at hand and the road ahead. We thank our international partners who have remain committed throughout this journey, and we thank the Afghan people for their resilience, resolve, and faith in democracy as the country has continued to experience insecurity, drought and violence. This tracker reaffirms our commitment to delivering our promises to them of a better future for all Afghans.

Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal,
Acting Minister of Finance
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan